Counselling & Energy Healing Only 30 Minutes from Ballina

The Embodied Presence is a holistic integrated healing practice located near Ballina, offering many types of therapy and counselling for self-discovery, personal growth, awakening, healing past traumas, and offering skills to cope with current life stressors. We offer mind and body practices and provide counselling to deepen your mindfulness journey to heal everything from stress to anxiety, disordered eating, trauma, PTSD and much more. Our therapies include but are certainly not limited to energy healing/ energy medicine, anxiety counselling, trauma counselling, and integrative somatic psychotherapy. Read more about these below.

Our Counselling and Healing Services

About Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but sometimes it becomes a burden keeping us from being our best self. If constant worry, fear, and stress are concerns for you, our anxiety counselling offers a way of regulating your anxiety by slowing the mind and bringing calmness to the body. Learn more about anxiety counselling.

About Energy Healing/Energy Medicine

All bodies express energy differently and this energy plays a role in our physical and mental health. When unbalanced, our energy can impact our health negatively. Energy Healing Therapy restores balance to our mind and body which can assist with everyday issues ranging from emotional and mind concerns to pain relief and immune deficiencies. Learn more about Energy Healing.

About Psychotherapy

Weaving together both body and mind approaches to psychotherapy brings a greater sense of balance through sessions with the Embodied Presence. With two clinics in NSW and the ability for phone/Skype counselling sessions, we aim to make psychotherapy an accessible option for all – from Ballina to interstate and overseas. Learn more about our psychotherapy services.

Arrange a Counselling or Healing Consult in or Around Ballina

With a clinic nearby in Byron Bay and phone/Skype counselling sessions available, the Embodied Presence is within reach for all Ballina residents. To arrange a session in any our healing practices, call us on 0418 296 107 or fill in the contact form.

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