Embodied Sound Therapy


For centuries sound and music has been used for healing and transformation. From the guttural chanting of ancient shamans to the lofty Gregorian chants of the cathedrals, sound and music have played a central role in the culture of humanity. Only recently have we begun to understand the physiological effects of sound and music on the brain and the applications to psychotherapy involving the body/mind interface.

In Embodied Sound Therapy, the expression of sound is used therapeutically to help you access, express, and release sensations such as tightness, heaviness or pain and emotions such as sadness, grief, resentment, anger and frustration, guilt and shame that have been held within your body.


sound therapy

Embodied Sound Therapy is a way of working that allows you to reclaim your lost voice and give expression through soundĀ  to those parts of you that have been unable to express what you most want to say. Working this way supports you to explore and get in touch with feelings and sensations that have been held somatically and unable to be expressed emotionally.

As you feel into and explore the area of the body that holds these feelings and sensations, you are guided to give organic and intuitive expression through sound to these held areas. The expressed sound resonates as an energy vibration to the stuck feeling or emotion that has been held within your body. This process brings awareness and release to those emotional and mental patterns associated to the unexpressed feelings and stuck energy in the body.

Embodied Sound Therapy helps you to reclaim and give voice to those lost voices and young parts of yourself so that you can feel stronger and empowered in expressing in the moment what it is you want to say and do without feeling scared or feeling the need to holdĀ  yourself back and not be seen.

This is one of the 4 Main therapies integrated into the Embodied Presence Process Therapeutic Model, to learn more about the others, click below.


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