The Embodied Presence Process Approach


At Embodied Presence my aim is to help you find balance, peace, and fulfillment - which can be a challenge trying to do on your own. We can want the best for ourselves, and still find conflict within our beliefs, habits, and wounds that can interfere with our movement forward.

Whether you struggle with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • grief and loss
  • trauma, PTSD and stress
  • low self-esteem
  • illness & chronic pain
  • disordered eating
  • life-changing events
  • creative blocks, or
  • relationship challenges

our work together will strengthen and support you from the inside by helping you to identify and overcome the fears and beliefs that stand in the way of your work, personal satisfaction and healthy relationships.

My general approach to integrative psychotherapy, counselling and energy medicine is to be client-centred and relational, recognizing and honoring the wisdom of the body while tailoring therapy to your exact needs and preferences. Over the years I have found the most important factor in therapy is the relationship I have with my clients. My desire is to establish comfortable, warm, safe and caring relationships to support you even if you are feeling nervous or scared about therapy.

My clinical work, the Embodied Presence Process, integrates these 4 powerful therapies:

"I will support your journey into self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment. The destination is ease, wholeness, and choice."

- Phoebe Allwell 

Embodied Presence

Relational Gestalt Therapy


Body Awareness Psychotherapy


Embodied Sound Therapy


Energy Medicine Therapy

Our work together is also informed by the latest research in neuroscience and  neuroplasticity;  the three-stage trauma processing model which is widely recognised as best practice for complex trauma therapy;  Sensorimotor approach to Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Self-Psychology and Mindfulness.

I am continually humbled by the courage and commitment  my clients make to have something be different and heal past pains and traumas …to experience and acknowledge they can and are changing and that they have control over their lives .  It is immensely rewarding being part of the journey to support you finding your voice, personal empowerment and self-expression to be fully who you are, step into being bigger and shine your essence in the world to create what you love and want to do.

Unsure what's the best next step for you?

Email me for a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to get clarity and support on a path forward.

Here’s What Clients Say About This Work:


"I have gone through very profound processes of change with Phoebe and I think this is possible because from the first session, I felt completely safe with her. I believe that one of the benefits of our work together is that I can now access more joy in my life and manifest with much greater ease."

Sarah, Therapist, Healer, Art Curator


"I've worked with Phoebe Allwell and the results are extraordinary: I'm more "in tune" with myself. There's more trust, less fear…more self confidence, less negativity…more joy, less anger… and the best of all, more love for myself and everything in the world."

Sally, Artist, Healer


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