Relational Gestalt Therapy in Byron Bay and Beyond


Relational gestalt therapy is simply the most comprehensive system of personal growth and development that has yet to be replicated in post-modern therapies.

Gestalt offers the deepest understanding of the thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and spiritual longing for meaning and connection to the essential self and what it means to be human; Gestalt develops therapists who have authenticity and know from the inside out what it means to go through stuff and come out the other side a fuller person.

About Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy


Gestalt therapy is longer-term psychotherapy. It is an emotionally focused existential therapy that aims to promote awareness, increase response-ability ~ our ability to respond spontaneously and appropriately to the environment or our inner needs, and maturation. Relational gestalt therapy encourages personal growth leading to a more fulfilling life and satisfying relationships. It is useful for help with immediate crises and long-term chronic issues.

People find that this type of therapy helps them to:

  • Be more aware of their needs and wants and to feel more empowered and self- assertive
  • Create healthy relationships due to improved relational skills
  • Have increased confidence due to less negative self-talk and greater self- acceptance
  • Envisage greater life options and to be creative about implementing them

With relational gestalt therapy we seek to reinstate wholeness to the person by helping them to become fully integrated. People are not seen as sick or dysfunctional but as having adapted functional ways of dealing with situations that served them well in the context that they occurred. The problem is now they are stuck in behaving that way. The personality becomes split and part of them is frustrated, conflicted or rigidly repeating what they know is not good for them. This ties up energy that would otherwise be directed toward growth and can lead to the common symptoms of depression, anxiety and many other psychological issues.

Relational gestalt therapy is also great for looking at how you defend against being real, working with your internal splits (which often underlie and fuel anxiety), looking at unexpressed parts of self, including your shadow self that will take on a life of its own and work against your best intentions often sabotaging your relationships.

Gestalt is the ideal relationship therapy utilising the therapeutic relationship to identify issues that occur in the person's day-to-day relationships. We are always working to improve your relationship, to yourself and to others. Relational gestalt therapy aims to turn power relationships into loving relationships and to find a sense of wholeness and authenticity.

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This is one of the 4 main therapies integrated into the Embodied Presence Process Therapeutic Model, to learn more about the others, click below.

This is one of the 4 main therapies integrated into the Embodied Presence Process Therapeutic Model, to learn more about the others, click below.


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