Counselling and Energy Healing with a Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Focus in Crows Nest

In our busy modern lives, many of us are seeking ways of slowing down; of feeling less stress and greater connection. You may have tried yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices with little success. You may have resigned yourself to the idea that inner peace and fulfilment are not for you. But mind and body balance is for everyone; some of us just require external support to learn these habits. Through counselling sessions at the Embodied Presence, we aim to assist you on your journey of transformation and give you the resources to continue it on your own. From our clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney, we offer many holistic practices like anxiety counselling, energy healing therapy, and psychotherapy.

Our Counselling and Healing Therapies

Anxiety counselling & integrative psychotherapy

Anxiety is a normal part of life. It helps us recognise threats and protect ourselves, but when it takes control of our thinking, we can lose the joy from our lives. Anxiety counselling is an effective therapy for minimising the constant worry and side effects of an overly anxious mind. Integrating awareness practices, breathing exercises, and movement, will return you to a relaxed, balanced state. Learn more about anxiety counselling.

Our approach to healing is not only for anxiety. Our integrative psychotherapy is useful for many emotional and physical concerns including depression, grief or loss, disordered eating, relationships, trauma/PTSD and many others. These counselling sessions may be undertaken in our Crows Nest practice, or via phone/Skype for interstate and even overseas clients. Learn more about our psychotherapy sessions and trauma counselling.

Energy Healing & whole body therapies

Energy healing therapy is just one of our 4 scientifically based therapies designed to bring your body and mind back into alignment. When we treat the body and mind separately, we can lose sight of how they interact and impact each other. Our physical symptoms can impact our mental health – and vice versa. Through energy healing and other similar therapies, we work with you to develop awareness for your whole person; mind, body, heart and soul. Learn more about Energy Healing.

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