Are you stressed or upset?

The effect of prolonged stress on our bodies is serious. While stress is an entirely natural response that helps humans re-act quickly to life-threatening situations, it is not meant to be “switched on” or in the “red-zone” for extended periods. Addressing emotional and psychological symptoms with mind- body techniques in traditional talking therapy will help you discover the resources you can draw on to help you regulate and control nervous system activation and arousal caused by stress.

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Trust Yourself

When you trust yourself this releases a positive neurobiological affect in your body and brain function with the release of brain chemicals and hormones. The release of neuro-chemicals and hormones creates a positive feeling within yourself that can help when managing feelings of lack or not being good enough, depression and anxiety, stress and trauma.

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At home in your body

Being in the body is a great way to help you feel grounded and aligned, and activates your brain neurobiology to help with feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. It can also be a great tool to help you process and heal traumatic events in your past.

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